Hello! I am a freelance illustrator and designer. I live with my best friend (who happens to be my husband), our two cats Jinni and Zoey, and a corn snake named Apollo.

I am:
  • a graduate of Art & Design with an emphasis in Illustration
  • a perfectionist...
  • ...who happens to be a huge daydreamer
  • frequently (night)dreaming about being a dinosaur

Some things I love:
  • making things with my hands
  • sushi
  • textures and patterns
  • bright colors
  • the mountains
  • being outside

I am proud of:
  • going skydiving
  • cuddling a baby wolf
  • swimming with dolphins
  • hiking the Grand Canyon - top to bottom
  • trekking across the (US) Continental Divide
  • marrying my best friend