A visit to the zoo

Nik and I visited my brother and sister-in-law in Detroit this past weekend for St. Paddy's Day festivities and fun. My parents met us there and we all thoroughly enjoyed the unseasonally warm and sunny weather. I was so excited to see the first of the leaves budding on the trees.

We played the bean hole game while their golden retriever, Roxy, played with her tennis ball.

I had green beer for the first time, which was essentially summer shandy with green food dye.

On Sunday, Nik and I delayed our return trip a few hours so we could visit the Detroit Zoo. It was quite hot out so the majority of the animals were sleeping in the shade, but I reveled in the warm weather and presence of so many neat animals.

The butterfly house and aviary were one of my favorite exhibits since the specimens were allowed free range all around you.

Of course the polar bears were pretty neat, too.

There were peacocks all over the zoo, and several of the males were on a quest to impress the various hens. We had the pleasure of seeing one male with his feathers all fanned out. When a hen came into sight he would rattle his feathers and do a little dance. Unfortunately for him, another male came along and stole back the hen that had wandered over.

One of the males caught sight of my aqua blue camera bag and came over for a closer inspection. He eyeballed it for a good few minutes, probably trying to decide if it was a potential rival or mate, before heading away again.

And just in case you've ever wondered what a peacock butt looks like...

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