Happy Friday, everyone!

I wanted to share an illustration I recently finished for the lovely writer, Brooke Bolander.She came to me looking for an illustrative makeover for her website with talk of coyotes and trickster imagery. (She had me at 'coyotes', really.) The trickster archetype is a recurring theme in Brooke's written works, so what better way to pay homage than place one amongst the masters.

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I'm looking forward to continue working with Brooke on decorating her website with illustrations.Though the banner is the only finished product at the moment, you can bet we have more up our sleeves.

I also thought I'd share a bit of the process. After discussing the imagery with Brooke, I presented her with several composition sketches for the banner. This is the one she chose:

Then I turned that into a refined sketch, ready to be tackled with pen and ink:

After it was inked and scanned I began blocking in color:

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