WIP-it, WIP-it Good!

Well while I'm waiting for an ungodly large Photoshop file to save, I may as well throw some updates your way! I've got all 6 illustrations for my senior show well on their way to completion. A few need more work than others, but everything has color slapped on and some only need some minor revisions. I'm going to work hard all this week to see if I can finish them all up and then use next Monday's critique for any nit-picky things. Pretty exciiiiiiting! Okay, I still have three weeks until I need to start hanging the work in the gallery space, but I can definitely feel it drawing closer.

work in progress of the last page

linework for a full-page spread

I still need to find a good Plexiglas supplier and test out paper types to print on. I'd really like to have a nice paper with a bit of texture so I can deckle/tear the edges, but another classmate of mine wasn't having any such luck with both hotpress and coldpress watercolor papers. He ended up using the print shop's enhanced matte paper, which is a terrific paper, but it doesn't have that "traditional" feel to it. We'll see if I can find some sort of bright white paper that absorbs the ink perfectly.

I've also been working on re-designing my website.... again. I just have so much fun with HTML and web design! The new design will allow me to periodically change the design imagery without much problem, too.

And in other unrelated news, Happy Birthday to my boyfriend, Nik! <3 <3 <3

That is all for now.

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One Response to “WIP-it, WIP-it Good!”

  1. Well, good luck on getting everything done by Monday. I really wish that I could have all of my illustrations 'done' by then as well, but, it's very unlikely and almost impossible. However, I will be shooting for the Monday after that, so lets hope it happens.