Some in-progress shots

Steadily working away at pieces for my upcoming senior thesis show. Here's a WIP of the first two pages, which merge together seamlessly for a full spread. Just imagine the book's dividing line down the middle for the time being.



Sketch shot and work-in-progress linework for an editorial piece about stockholm syndrome.



And because she's such a goofball... a photo of Jinni's latest exploits. She discovered she can jump down behind our stacked washer/dryer unit. At first she need to be rescued because there wasn't enough room for her to jump back out, so after wiggling the huge thing back and forth to give her some space, I snapped this photo of her below. She was waiting so patiently and quietly for me to move it out for her.


Apparently the abyss is loads of fun, because she keeps jumping down there. Silly kitty.

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