Mailing! (aka watching my future venture off)

So I just finished stuffing packing envelopes for my portfolio mailing to various children's book publishers:

The Mailing

Each package will have four of seven illustrations, a cover letter on my own letterhead, and a SASE response card for them to send back to me. I'll be sending these out within the next week, so wish me luck!

And though it's unrelated, I just rediscovered this photo on my camera from this year's sprign break trip to Florida. Liz and I went to SeaWorld, where we fed the dolphins. Twice. Happiest moment ever.

Mutual Happiness

Oh, and here's a mediocre and slightly warped shot of a 16-hour painting I did for figure painting class. I was lucky to find a girl who volunteered to pose for me, and she was so happy with the finished product that she's going to purchase it.

oil on press board
oil on press board

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