Crit-O-Rama was this past week, and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. Here's an excerpt from Grand Valley State University briefing just exactly what the event is:

"Crit-O-Rama is a big critical open house hosted by the Department of Art and Design each spring. Faculty and students invite artists from around the country to come to town and meet for a day of art feedback with art students from GVSU and area colleges and universities. Students display their artwork for a week at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, where the events are held. On the day of Crit O Rama, they solicit feedback from any of the visiting artists or faculty they want to meet with. In addition to that day of critiques, the visiting artists also spend an additional day or two with us, and give public lectures on their artwork. Some teach workshops, give demonstrations, or team teach studio courses with faculty at GVSU and the other participating schools."

Visiting artists here for the events include speakers, Loren Schwerd, a sculptor from the Louisiana State University, and artist lecturers Christine Carr, a photo and video artist who teaches at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA.; Endi Poskovic, a printmaker of large-scale woodcuts who teaches at The University of Michigan; Tim Berg, a ceramic artist who teaches at Pitzer College in Claremont, Calif.; Lora Fosberg, a Chicago printmaker, and Gabriel Akagawa, an environmental sculptor who teaches part time at The Art Institute of Chicago.

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to listen to Endi Poskovic speak about his work and philosophies when he visited my printmaking class. His woodcuts are absolutely amazing. Such bright and vivid colors! Really, you have to see these in person to appreciate just how sharp and impressive his work is.

Yesterday was the big event, the free for all critique. I arrived rather early and was able to stay the entire duration, so I was able to talk to a lot of people. It was so much fun to see other people's works, and then have the chance to chat to students from various universities about my work as well as their work. I thought I might be a bit shy, but it was really easy to trot over whenever I saw someone looking at my work and ask them what their thoughts were.

My only complaint is that we needed more visiting artists! They were always in high-demand and had lines of people following them. We were literally stalking them around the UICA, ready to pounce as soon as they finished their current critique. I managed to nab Lora Fosberg fairly early and had a great discussion with her about my illustrations. She's so spunky and fun to talk to!

After asking a few visiting professors to critique my work, Endi was able to come and talk to me. We had a lengthy and provoking discussion about where I was with my art and where I should go next. He adored my technique and style, so we mainly discussed subject matter and narratives. He gave me some invaluable ideas and challenges that I'm definitely going to have to ponder over.

I completely forgot to take photos of my work displayed on the wall. Go me. I know my professor, Ed, was wandering around with a camera so I'll have to see if he managed to take any with my work in it.

dinosauria by endi poscovic
dinosauria by endi poscovic

lora fosberg's new book
lora fosberg's new book

'new living' by lora fosberg

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