And so it begins...

I figured it's high time for me to start an art blog,  so here we are! I intend on sharing my thoughts, drawings and illustrations, and general news regarding both my life and my art. Don't worry, though, this blog will focus mainly on my art-related life. Nevertheless, I can't promise that I won't include occasional random tidbits or photos of my kitten, Crow.

In addition to creating this blog, I'm currently in the process of reconstructing my website, using HTML/CSS and Flash, so stay tuned for updates!

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One Response to “And so it begins...”

  1. Wow! Cool! I just took a look at your revised website..way nice, and it led me to your blog which I hadn't seen either. I need to do one of these. You might have to lead me through start up. I googled BreeAnn just to see if it was available and it was all your stuff that came up, with one exception. E-scape made the last entry on the page. I think you ought to get the url reserved. I was thinking of getting but it's already taken. Gotta go. Love ya. You're a great daughter and artist.